Carbon Copy is an Electronic Pop collective/label based in Sydney. Welcome to the digital delusion.


Lucky Charm
GirlTones (HotPink, Indigo, Aquamarine)


Carbon Copy — Version: 1

CC-v1-Si06: RiHy - ghost

CC-v1-Si05: RiHy - matrix (keep goin')

CC-v1-Si04: co2, GirlTones - IDC!

CC-v1-Si03: RiHy – cyberspace

CC-v1-Si02: Indigo – Hey Siri

CC-v1-Si01: HotPink – I Don't Wanna C U

Carbon Copy — Version: ALPHA

CC-ALPHA-EP01: Lucky Charm – Charm Bracelet

CC-ALPHA-Si09: Lucky Charm – ringtone

CC-ALPHA-Si08: RiHy – the gulf

CC-ALPHA-Si07: Paw – Love

CC-ALPHA-Si06: Lucky Charm – blah blah blah

CC-ALPHA-Si05: RiHy, androlav – robot boy

CC-ALPHA-Si04: Lucky Charm – young! cute! stupid!

CC-ALPHA-Si03: Lucky Charm – kinda cute

CC-ALPHA-Si02: co2 – Tennis Court (with OH)

CC-ALPHA-Si01: co2 – EN PRIVADO (with andres, C-S4R)

STATUS: CC-ALPHA launches Jan 2022

Carbon Copy Version ALPHA, launches January 2022.

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