Carbon Copy

Latest Release:

HotPink – I Don't Wanna C U
CC-v1-Si01 – MAY 2023

An Electronic Utopia

CC takes pride in its artists, in-house generated projects of digital Pop Idols, and the producers, songwriters, vocalists and creatives who all help to build the music and vision of the project's beautiful, perfect utopia.

If you're a songwriter, producer or creative whose interested in building up this project with us, feel free to check out our Contact page.

Welcome to Carbon!

Carbon Copy is a digitally worldwide, Australian based Electronic, Dance, and Pop label.
CC is a movement of new generational Electronic music, promoting love for visual and musical futurism, artificiality, and technology. We love our digital delusion, our music is only disingenuous if you make it so. Be open to the optimistic future, take the pill, don’t look back, and give us your data today.

xx/xx/23 - Nanobot by co2
xx/xx/23 - So Many Boys by GirlTones